Welcome to the TeslaTN Crazy End Of Year Clearance!

Our group is growing! Sometime In 2021 we hope to be able to go outside and play again safely. That’ll mean the return of of Teslas and Tacos, organized group drives, group training, hands-on help like formatting USB drives, and more.

Our relationship with Tesla is also changing.

As we enter the new tax year, we face the costs of becoming a 501(c)7 non-profit and becoming an official club in the eyes of the law. Tesla also requires us to be insured, so our club leadership (like the lackeys writing this…) is legally protected from claims, such as an accident during a group drive or bad catering at a club event. We look to kick the club into higher gear (we don’t actually have gears – we need a new saying…) with more meetings, loaner equipment (spare tire? charging kit? what else?), and mobile apps for communicating with each other privately and securely as people flee Facebook.

The bad news is that this can’t all be free. We haven’t fully worked out pricing or what’s included or membership levels. We’d love to hear your feedback in the FB group and in the form below.

The good news is two-fold.

One, we hope to have enough members for this to not be onerously pricey. We know that not all of our (unusually smart and attractive!) FB group members will join us on the way to a more exclusive club, but we think there will be enough to cover our one-time fees of lawyers and applications and a few benefits like maybe loaner equipment or some fun customized merchandise. We also hope to be large enough to have an increasing voice in state and local advocacy for EV charging and related efforts. We have already, for example, been helping toward an EV license plate and to help open per-kW charging instead of per-minute pricing. 

Two, just in time for your holiday shopping (OK, almost in time…) we received a piping-hot shipment of discount codes for select Tesla merchandise. If you’ve already received one in 2020 – the previous batch went out in March – please feel free to resubmit the form, but you may not receive another code. This is the last time we will be able to provide this to non-members.

If you haven’t done so before, please register your vehicle with us. This allows us to prove to Tesla that you own their car and are worthy of the discount. Selfishly, it also gives us a mailing list to use as we grow into a more formal club structure and to hear your input on our next steps. In exchange, we’ll be working for you through the holidays to get discounts distributed.