Your Help Requested: Please complete and submit both pages of the form below.

TeslaTN management is collecting information from our owners and regulars.  This helps us align the Tesla-curious with potential test-drives, file away contact information beyond Facebook, and helps us identify volunteers for the various tasks we need in growing the club.

Additionally, we’re collecting information on your interest in us becoming a paid registration club as well as what you’d find to be reasonable annual fees. We’re working through the process of becoming a 501(c)7 non-profit. This information helps us plan to fund future events, activism, shared resources and more. We’re carefully NOT saying what memberships might include at this time. We’re listening, not talking. 

All information submitted is confidential. We aren’t using this for automated newsletters (that may come some day – you’ll be asked then…) or selling it to businesses or others. Our officers are mostly from privacy-intense backgrounds, so we’re not going to sell your phone numbers to extended warranty hustlers. We promise.

If the form below is unreadable, please directly complete the TeslaTN Registration Verification.