As part of the fundraising effort to help bootstrap the formal club membership (more on that soon), we’re offering the vinyl clings that you may have seen on the cars of some of the cool kids. We have knockouts in red or white. We have the full red clings. We have a small number of the 2″ toolbox or laptop-friendly stickers.

We haven’t set a price. Please pick something that you’re comfortable with and that covers our costs and that advances our goal of funding the Tesla Owners of Tennessee Club.

When you go through checkout, please include exactly what you’d like and your mailing address. Bigger dollar amounts get heavier envelopes; we usually have fun extras that we will throw in to our more generous supporters.

Check out via  PayPal . We’re using the ‘donate’ feature instead of the cart because for small amounts like ours, the PayPal fees are a problem.